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Creativity is limitless

Creativity is limitless just like sky especially in children. One of the guy, I forgot his name, said they I love to see at three year child when he watch the world first time and do things first time in his life because he has no idea what he is going to do. But It is cute to watch. I agree with that guy, because they don’t only look cute but they try to do it different way and more creative way than us.

This title remind me of one of short story I heard in TED talk Schools kill creativity. It was something like this:

One girl was drawing something in her notebook and wasn’t concentrating to her teacher. Teacher went to her and asked her what is she doing, then she replied very slowly that she is drawing GOD. Teacher got confused and told her that no one saw how does god look like? Teacher got surprised by her replied. She said that they will see in few seconds. Don’t you call it creativity of child? I will.

Creativity is limitless without matter. Only matter is that how far can your creativity goes? If you use creativity in your life, you will success a lot. One of my friend writes on creativity and I liked his post on “Creativity and Play

So, How much creative are you?



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